Aidan Terry is an artist, traditional 2D animator, and maker based in Los Angeles. He was an animator on 2020's Academy Award-winning "Hair Love," directed by Bruce Smith, Everett Downing Jr., and Matthew Cherry.
 He worked as director/animator Glen Keane's animation assistant on the Academy Award-winning animated short "Dear Basketball (2017)," as well as assisting and animating on Keane's feature directorial-debut "Over the Moon (2020)," an Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature. 
Aidan has also contributed animation to Andreas Deja's 2023 animated short "Mushka."
He was recently animating at Glen Keane Productions on a TBA project.
In addition to traditional animation, Aidan has experience in acrylic painting, carpentry, casting & molding, fabrication, sculpting, character design, Oculus Quill, illustration, silverpoint, and Adobe Creative Suite.
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